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AAPM™ Board of Standards 2005 In House and Public Courses - Outlines
These International Courses can be offered on-site in Asia, EU, Australia and the Middle East.
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AAFM Gemity Project Intelligence courses are a suite of courses specialising in International Project Management and quality assurance.

Certified International Project Manager (CIPM) ™

Certified Remote Project Manager (CRPM) ™

Certified Project Manager Environmental Engineering (CPMEE) ™

Certified Continuous Improvement Assessor (CCIA) ™

Master Project Manager MPM™

Certified Project Quality Controller ™

Software Testing Fundamentals ™

Certified Test Manager ™


Certified International Project Management (CIPM) ™

5 Days

Your just about to or have taken on an international assignment.  The client is across a national border, there's different languages, time zones, currency and culture to take into account.  Added into this, you have tight dead lines and a complex solution to deliver.  This scenario is becoming more and more a reality to nearly every service provider globally and the need to gain the skills to manage an international project is paramount.

This course will outline the thinking that needs to be in place in order to establish and run an international project.  International Project Management will outline how to stay ahead of the market delivering well run international projects to non domestic clients.

1.       Introduction (Day 1)

·         What is Project management

·         Think Global, act Global

·         The Economic view

·         The need to introduce robust project management techniques

·         The need for Remote Project Management

2.       Project Management Overview (Day 1)

·         Define requirements and design solution

·         Planning and scheduling

·         Procurement and vendor management

·         Scope management

·         Resources, logistics and location

·         Reporting and communication

·         Compliance to standards and audit/review

3.       Remote Project Management (Day 2 and 3)

·         Communications

·         Local and remote customs

·         Reporting

·         Negotiations

·         Facilitation

·         Remote control management

·         Remote Schedule Management

·         Managing Cross-functional Projects

·         Requirements and process controls

·         Baseline Management

·         Remote resource management

·         Cost and Schedule Control

4.       Ensuring compliance (Day 4)

·         Compliance planning

·         The need for standards and compliance

·         The compliance organisation

·         Compliance standards, standards and frameworks - CMM, ISO 9000, ABEF, Prince2, SSADM etc.

·         Self assessing and external review

5.       Case studies and leading technologies (Day 4 and 5)

·         Remote online project collaboration

·         Internet technologies available

·         Remote control

·         Global Project Management Toolsets

·         2 Case studies

Certified Remote Project Management (CRPM) ™

It is a complex world out there, and business are no-longer operating locally. The saying "think global act local" is transitioning to "think global act global".  With business increasingly introducing global suppliers, the need and reliance on Remote Project Management is now a necessity.  As economics and business globally become intertwined, the importance of the using the right tools, technologies and techniques for managing projects internationally and remotely is becoming more important than ever.

This course will explain how to undertake remote and offshore project management.  It will discuss the capabilities of effectively using multimedia Internet meetings and remote document sharing with emphasis on real-time effective remote project management and collaboration techniques. During the course, students will be presented with the latest technologies and tool-sets available, and provided with case studies on how many global urbanisations operate and utilise the Internet to breakdown the barriers of time zones and distance.

Under Review

Certified Project Manager Environmental Engineering (CPMEE) ™

5 Days

Environmental issues is one of the hottest topics in business today and the successful implementation of an environmental friendly event and business are now distinguishing them from their competitors.  Project Management of an environmental project is now a focused science, requiring deep understanding of their issues, knowledge of project methodologies and experience.  As economics, business and environmental factors become intertwined, the importance of the using the right tools, technologies and techniques for managing these projects is becoming more important than ever.

This course is designed to provide the student with:

·         Environment Engineering knowledge in today's context

·         International Regulations, guidelines and domestic compliance needs

·         Case studies of leading technologies

·         Project Management in Environment Engineering

This course bridges the gap for:

·         Environmental Engineers undertaking Project Management Activities

·         Project Managers implementing Environmental projects

·         Managers requiring understanding of Environmental Project Management

1.       Introduction  (Day 1)

·         Environment Engineering in today's context

·         Global view

·         Economic view

·         The need to introduce robust project management techniques

·         The need to be green aware

2.       Project Management Overview (Day 1 and 2)

·         Define requirements and design solution

·         Planning and scheduling

·         Procurement and vendor management

·         Scope management

·         Resources, logistics and location

·         Reporting and communication

·         Compliance to standards and audit/review

3.       International Regulations, guidelines and domestic compliance needs  (Day 2 and 3)

·         Kyoto Protocol

·         ISO 14000

·         Green Hotels

·         Green Peace and the World Wildlife Fund

·         Examples of domestic guidelines and compliance needs

4.       Ensuring compliance  (Day 3)

·         Compliance planning

·         The need for standards and compliance

·         The compliance organisation

·         Self assessing and external review

5.       Case studies of leading technologies  (Day 4)

·         Power Generation and Management

·         Cooling, heating and refrigeration

·         Waste management

·         Water treatment

·         'Smart' buildings

·         Efficient buildings

6.       Project Management in Environment Engineering (Mostly practical) (Day 5)

·         Analysis and design of solution against requirements

·         Solution selection and promotion

·         Team building and project structure

·         Lines of communication and group control

·         Scope management and change control

·         Scheduling and planning

·         Vendor and project team buy in of project plan

·         Reporting and communication

Certified Continuous Improvement Assessor (CCIA) ™

3 Days

What makes your company or project stand out from the rest?  Innovation and a culture of continuous improvement keeps organisations either ahead or up with current trends and methods of delivery.  Innovative and continuously improving organisations are 40% more profitable than their market competitors.  The effort to achieve this goal is not as hard as it is believed to be.

This course is designed to provide methods to:

·         Define the operating performance standards required by the organisation

·         Define common, standardised processes across the organisation

·         Measure and report where the organisation currently is

·         Plan a path to progress the organisation towards its desired goal

·         Continuous monitoring and management of the improvement progression

1.       Introduction and standardisation (Day 1)

·         Why standardise processes.

·         Introduction to international guidelines and frameworks.

·         The need for compliance

·         Defining organisational standards

·         Choosing the company champion

·         Building the compliance team

2.       Assessment and Change (Day 2)

·         The 'today' view assessment method

·         Reporting and communicating

·         Planning the improvement roadmap

·         Promotion of change

·         Control of change

3.       The improvement Process (Day 3)

·         Managing the improvement

·         Measuring and communicating improvement

·         Tweaking the change

·         Introduction of continuous improvement

·         The continuously improving organisation

Master Project Manager MPM™

5 Days

80% of all projects either fail or run over budget and over time.  The key reason is that the process and management of the project is flawed from the very beginning.  The need to understand and deploy a well structure project process is critical in today’s business world.  This course outlines the basic skills of a project manager, the Project Life Cycle and introduces a number of ‘tools’ to carry out what is a very complex role within the organisation.

Course Overview:

1.       Introduction to Projects

2.       Tasks of a Project Manager

3.       The Project Life Cycle

4.       Documentation

5.       Scheduling

6.       Change Management

7.       Issue Management

8.       Project Reporting and Controls

9.       Project Analysis and Recovery

10.   Vendor Selection and Management

11.   Team Selection and Management

12.   Methods and Compliance

13.   Review and Control

14.   Project Quality

15.   Configuration Management

16.   Close Out

Certified Project Quality Controller ™

(3 Days)

Consistency of process and the deployment of value added project controls are critical in assuring long term return on investment in project activities.  Project Quality Control is a skill set and an organisational mind set, one that is often overlooked in today’s business with noticeable, and sometimes public, negative impact.   This course outlines the PQC process, toolkit and organisation.  It’s a fast moving course with easy to implement processes designed to get your quality organisation up and running delivery value from the start.

1.       Foundations of Quality (Day 1)

·         Definition of Quality

·         Importance of quality assurance

2.       The Quality Organisation (Day 1)

·         Champion of Quality

·         The Quality Team Leader

·         The Quality Team

·         Relationship with the Organisation

3.       The Quality Process (Day 1)

·         Matching the Process to the Organisation

·         Documentation

·         Reporting and Communicating

·         Process Improvement

4.       Quality Reviews (Day 2)

·         Types of review

·         Example process flow

·         Audience and participants

·         Quality Gates

·         Reporting and Communication

5.       Continuous Improvement (Day 2)

·         Quality loopback

·         Promotion and communication

·         Continuous review

·         Pitfall avoidance

·         Archive and summary

6.       Quality Implementation (Day 3)

·         Guidelines and standards

·         Stepped Process

·         Planning

·         Analysis

·         Deployment

Software Testing Fundamentals ™

(5 days)

Testing is the least understood and the most overlooked skill in most development environments.  Unlike the developer, there is no standard skill set, testing is often a thrown together team with little instruction in testing methods. Testing is often a bottleneck where little value is derived.  This course opens the bottleneck outlining the fundamentals of testing, how it should be deployed and the underlying skills required.

This course will suit testers who have not had formal training to date or business or user team leaders who are required to undertake User Acceptance Testing activities.

1.       Introduction to Testing Principles (Day 1)

·         Definition of Testing

·         The testing organisation

·         The need for testing

·         The role of the tester

·         Foundations of testing

·         Essential testing skills

2.       An Introduction to Test Process (Day 2)

·         Principles

·         Level definition

·         Testing styles

·         Test methods

·         Link with the core project

3.       Test Process Detail (Day 3)

·         The test process

·         Fault management

·         Documentation

·         Communication

4.       Overview of Test Management (Day 4)

·         The team

·         The tester/developer relationship

·         Managing the test plan

·         Change management

·         Communication

5.       Test Tool Overview (Day 5)

·         CAST Applications

·         Choosing a tool and deployment

6.       Test Completion (Day 5)

·         Defining exit criteria

·         Reporting

·         Close out meeting

·         Management of outstanding issues

·         Archiving test material

Certified Test Manager ™

(5 Days)

Test management is a critical skill.  It is 50% Project Management and 50% control of the testing process.  Test managers need to know specific skills in order to manage a process where they are not in control of the product in their environment, tight deadlines and an unknown level of scope that is impacted by the overall quality of the coded product.  Test managers today require a full understanding of the complexities in this area so as they can manage their teams in such a way to add value to their projects rather than present another barrier. 

This course is a follow on from the Software Testing Fundamentals, but will suit test team leaders and managers who have had 1 to 2 years of testing experience.

1.       Introduction to Test Management (Day 1)

·         The Test Process

·         The System Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

·         The project group

·         Test Methods

·         Test Styles

2.       The Test Manager  (Day 1)

·         Who is the Test Manager?

·         Role of the Test Manager

·         Background skills

·         The toolkit

3.       Test Management  (Day 2)

·         Planning and Scheduling

·         The Test Strategy

·         Test documentation

·         Team management

·         Relationship and expectation management

·         Entry and Exit management

·         Scope management

·         Progress management

·         Issue resolution

·         Reporting and communication

4.       Testing as a Risk Mitigation Exercise  (Day 2)

·         Managing risk through testing

·         Planning against risk

·         Communication

·         Prioritisation against risk

5.       The Quality Process  (Day 3)

·         The importance of testing

·         Testing review structure and planning

·         Testing review toolkit

·         Testing review management and techniques

·         Reporting and communication

6.       Test Techniques  (Day 4)

·         Functional

·         Non-Functional

·         Static

·         Dynamic

·         Ad-hoc

·         How to plan and choose the most appropriate technique

7.       Test Tools (Day 5)

·         Types

·         Selection

·         Deployment

·         Management

8.       Fault and Change Management (Day 5)

·         Recording and communication

·         Resolution planning

·         The resolution process

·         Close out


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