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Project Management Global Advisory Council

AAPM ® Global & Presidential Board & Advisory Council

AAPM ® Board of Standards (Global Advisory Board and Hon. Advisors) - Professors, Doctors, and Experts.  We are a TUV Accredited Certification Body and We are ISO Certified for Quality 9001 and ISO 29990 Certified.

The AAPM ™ Board is the Certifying and Regulatory Body for AAPM ® Global Standards

Chairman - Prof. Dr.jur. George Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM™, CIPM ™ - Atty at Law - - General Counsel USA - Author of Project Management Books and Treatises and Teacher of PM College and Grad. Courses.

Global and European Standards Supreme Council

  • Prof. Dr. jur. George S Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM, CIPM® – CEO USA – Board of Standards – Lic. Counselor of Law and Notary Public***  (Project Management and Management Consulting Author and Expert) 
  • Dr. Salvagni Enrico, Dr Eng – MSEE Chartered Environmentalist (UK), MIEnvSc Chartered Scientist (UK),MIET (UK), IPF ( F) MPM ® , FAAPM ®, CIPM ®, (USA) MI-Membre Individuel des Ingenieurs et Scientifiques de France (Cote d’Azur ), President of AAPM ® Italy EU Offices - AAPM ® EU Chapter Vice President of The Association of British Engineers in Italy - Italian Representative- California University FCE – Italian Representative & Design, Technology and Management Society 
  • Dott. Eur Ing Iuzzolini Saverio – Chartered Environmentalist (UK), MSEE (UK),MIET (UK),IPF (F) MPM ® , FAAPM ™, CIPM ®, (USA)Membre des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France de la Côte d’Azur (IESF CA) President International of The Association of British Engineers in Italy Vice-President of AAPM ® Italy EU Offices-AAPM ® EU Chapter
  • Dr. Amir Dhia, PhD summa cum laude, MA, BA, GAFM CCTM, Director of Continuing Education Center (CEC) and Director of International University Relations at the University of Business and Technology (UBT), Assistant Professor at the UBT College of Business Administration, MBA Programs, Jeddah, Dean at INSEEC Management and Communication Schools, Program Director of INSEEC MBA in Business Diplomacy (Prix de l’Innovation 2015, Eduniversal) Paris, Professor at le Centre d'Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques (CEDS, Paris), Professor of the Year 2009 at the Department of Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiations of the University of Paris 11, Legal Translation Expert, Specialist in the Information and Knowledge Society.  
  • EU Special Advisor: ING.MAGNANI Jean François  - President IPF Of the SRIPF for Paris area  Board Member IESF IDF (Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France Région Ile de France) - Administrateur - Board member of IESF IDF (Ingénieur et Scientifiques de France, Région Ile de France) / for the Paris area - Mechanical Engineer /Special mention in fluid dynamics and hydraulicapplications systems-(Fr) - Retired Vice President European Operations of Oilgear USA (Milwaukee-WIS-USA) and JFM CONSULTING (Fr) - IPF certified -Ingénieur Professionnel de France /mechanic and hydraulic-large systems -(SNIPF/Société Nationale des Ingénieurs Professionnels deFrance)- MPM certified ( Master Project Management) and CIPM certified (International Project Management- (USA/AAPM Global standards) -  HonABEI (Association of British engineers in Italy Honorary Member)- Accademico Onorario dell'Accademia BONIFACIANA (IT)- Médaille de la recherche /Médaille du Progrès (Fr). 


AAPM ® Academy and Certifications recently featured in Global Industry News such as: Forbes News, The Business Wire, Reuters Global News, and more.

• Dr. Ruby Chua, EdD, MBA, MPM, PME, CIPM, CCAI - Director of Technology Training Center & Project Management Professional Program. Financial Planner/Analyst, Busines Developer/Advisor, AAPM Global Advisory Board, CEANY - Interim Treasurer CUNY City University New York - Honorary Global Advisory Board 
• Prof. Mark Reeson, MPM, CIPM, GPM, APM UK, PMI, PMP, MAPM, MAAPM - EU - London England UK - Fellow - Certified Training, Hon. Professor, Global Advisory Council 
 Mahavir Kishor Saraf, Head of Emerging Technologies & Digitization - PwC Hong Kong, Postgraduate Information Systems Engineering & Computer Science, BEngineering (Mechanical) MCP, MCSD, AgilePMPractioner. 
• Rt Honorable Christopher Knight Lopez, MPM, Senior Portfolio Manager - USA - Honorary Global Advisor 
•  Dr. Anthony Bowen, DBA, MPM, PME, CIPM -  Director of Digital Media , Cablevision and Online Adjunct Professor 
•  Dr. Zachariah Bissah, PhD Business Administration – Project Management (Student).,  M.Sc-PM (Master of Science in Project Management)., COG-PM (Certified Oil and Gas Project Manager)., B.Sc (Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics)., Adjunct Lecturer (Ghana Technology University College) – Hon. Global Adviser (Project Management). Tel: 0206533018, E-mail: 
•  Prof. Dr. Hossein Ataei, Ph.D., M.C.M., M.B.A., P.Eng., P.E., MPM, CIPM, Hon. Global Advisory Committee 
• Dr Sahr H O Gborie - DBA (Sust. Proc), EMBA (Bus, Admin.), MBA (Fin Mgt & Proc), M.Sc (Opts & Supply Chain Mgt), BBA (Fin Mgt), HND (MIS), HG.Dip (Bus Acct), Strategic Dip-CIPS, Dip (Bus Studies), Adv.Cert-CIPS, Cert-CIPS, FCISCM, FIPFM, CPFM, MCISM, MCIWM, MPM, CIPM,AICIA (Ag.Head Proc. & Chief) -( Honourable Global Advisory Committee Member ) 
• Dr. Shelley U. Amos, MLM, MPM - Group Chairman, Shelley's Group of Companies - Regional Training Standards President of AAPM West Africa - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Dr. Thanh H. Pham, PhD, CSM, PMP, MPM, Global Honorary Advisory Council; Arlington, TX (USA).
•  RAJ PALIREDDY, Master of Science (CS), MPM, PMP, CSM, CSPO, CIPM, MCPS, MCP, MCTS, MCAD, MCSD, MCPD, MCAAA, MCASAE, FAAPM, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Senior Technical and Program Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach – Honorary Global Advisor, AAPM ® Global & Presidential Board & Advisory Council – USA  
• Dr. Sylvester O. Oikeh, PhD, MPM, CIPM, MAPM, Principal Scientist/Project Manager, AATF-Africa - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Brain W. Jumper, MPM, CCPC, CPCC, RFM – Texas USA - Hon. Global Advisor 
• V.Madhesh Chith Bhavan B.E, MBA , MPM , CIPM., Business Development Manager. 
• Imtiaz Syed, PMP, MPM, CIPM - IT Project Manager, Healthcare Information and Management Systems, Ontario, Canada" 
• Dr. J.G. Raju , PhD., MBA, BBM, CIPM, MMIS, MSCS, MMNCC, ACIM, AIES., Enterprise Solution Architect, Singapore - Hon. Global Advisor - Asia 
• Abu Sayed Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman, M.Sc., MBA, MCSE, PRINCE2, MPM, CIPM - Honorary Global Advisor 
• Dr. Anthony Fornyui Moffoi, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Hon. Global Advisor - Africa 
• Eng. Ahmad I. F. Alkhafaf ,CASA, MCSA,MCSE, A+,Server+, Security+, IBM Champ, IEEE Sr, member, ACM Sr. member ,ACS CP ,MPM,MOS Word,MOSExcel -Honorary Global Advisory Board 
• Dr. Keith A. Moskowitz, PhD, MPM®, CIPM ® - Scientist & Biochemist, Maryland USA - Board of Advisors 
• Dr.Mutaz Awad Arbab PharmD,,BSPharm,ARPs (Royal Pharmaceutical society UK),APhA member (American Pharmacist Association), PMI member,MPM, ACOPM member,AAPM Honory Global advisory Board 
•  Dr. Godwin Chidiebere Nwafor DSc, MBA, BSc, PGD, HND, P.Eng (UK), FSPE, SFIIRSM, ChMC, ChPMC, MPM®, CPC©, FAAPM®, MSOE, MIPlantE, PCQI, MIOM, ISSP-SA, MIScT, MNATE, PCGA, CMILT, COREN | Well Cementing Engineering Supervisor & Operations Support Supervisor | Nigeria Honourable Global Advisor 
• Dr. James L. Hoyt, MPM Master Project Manager - Troy University 
• Gregory A. Kinzer - MPM, PMP, PMI-RMP, Six Sigma Green Belt - Honorary Global Advisor 
• Prof. Dr. Eng. Ioan Stefan Sacala, CIPM, Head of FInES Research, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers Science, AAPM Honorary Advisory Comm. member, Bucharest, Romania 
• Raghu Tumuluri, MPM, ITIL & PMI. Based in New York, A Senior IT Leader in Global PMO Leadership, Solution & Service Delivery. - Member of AAPM Honorary Global Advisory Committee. 
• William John Matthews,Dip. Bus.Man.Newport Univ.,MPM®, CIPM® , ERMAP & ,Project Management Principal, WJMGlobal, Program & Project Managers, AAPM ® Hon. Global Advisor. 
• LTC Garret K. Messner, Ph.D (ABD), MAS, MPM – Professor of Military Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 
• Dr. George Anastasopoulos, PhD, MPM, CIPM, MQM, PME - Athens, Greece - Global Advisory and Standards Council Europe and Russia 
• Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Hamed, PhD, Six Sigma Champion, OSHA Expert, MPM Hon. Global Advisory Board Egypt and Middle East 
• Dr.Donald Cog Senanu Agumenu,Amb, CPP, MBA, MPM, CIPM, PhD,FlnstSMM, - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Prof. Dr. John Q. Belt, DBA, PsyD, MPM, CIPM, CPE, CPM, CPG(AAPG), CES, CPG(AIPG), EurGeol, AAPM Honorary Global Advisory Board Member: California Southern University (Irvine, California -, Faculty Professor-School of Business/Project Management, QuinLab Consulting, LLC (Dallas, Texas -, President, Oil & Gas Geochemical Analytical Laboratory & Exploration Services. 
• Dr. David S. Wimberly, Ph.D., Sc.D., Dr. Habil., MPM, CIPM, CPE - Honorary Global Advisor 
• NARASIMHAN BHAGAVAN, BE, ME, CPRM™,CLA, CIA, MPM™,CIPM™, MQM™, Principal Project Delivery Consultant, Risk Manager, Honorary Global Advisor and Member of the AAPM Global Advisory Board and Council, Toronto, Canada 
• Hosea D. Hargrett, MBA, PMP®, MPM®, CIPM®, CISSP, C|EH, SEC+ -Honorary Global Advisor and Member of the AAPM Global Advisory Board and Council 
• Prof. Dr. Ayman Rashed, B.Sc., M.Sc.,PhD, MCSE, CIPM ™ - Distintuished Professor and Consulting - Egypt - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Mr. Saad Baddah Al-Subaie, BsEE, PGDMBA, CRCAL, CIQA, AVS, MPM, CIPM, CPPM, MKM, CPC, CBMA/CBMC, CPRM - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Prof. Dr. Dr. Ahmed Elragal, MPM, CEC, CIPM - Cairo, Egypt - Faculty of Mgt Technology - German Univ. of Cairo 
• Dr. Barth E. Okonigene, MPM, CIPM, MPI, ASME - Principal Project Manager -Oilserv Limited - Lagos 
• Dr. Patrick Eulogius Yau, MMC, CPMC, CPITC, MPM, CPRM, PMP, CEC, Chief Operating Officer – Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance (GRAC), Hong Kong - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Dr. Amro Taleb, DBA, CIPM, CPMEE - Project Engineer and Manager - Canada / Syria - Hon. Global Advisor. 
• Dr. Imran Ahmad, DBA-O.M., MBA-Mkg., MS-Bus. Admin. ,MBA-Bus. Mgmt., MPM, CIPM, PGD-Comp.Sc., Dipl. Eng.-Civil & Rural(JMI) = Hon. Global Advisor = (Brand Owner-Study House; [Falcon Builders]; Jewellery- Kingdom) 
• Mohamed A. Hassan, MPM, CIPM – Hon. Global Advisor 
• Mary J. Williams, MBA, CAM, CEP, CFS, CPM, CTS, MFP, RFC - Honorary Global Advisory Board 
• Dr. Henry Oh, EdD, MPM, CLC, RRT, MT, FAAPM Department Chair and Associate Professor of Respiratory Therapy, Pharmacy Tech., and Allied Health 
• Dr. Michael M. Lefever, Ph.D., MPM, Emeritus Dean and Distinguished Professor, Global Honorary Advisory Council 
• Dr Michael Laverty EdD MBA CSSBB, CIPM, MPM solid waste and transportation industry process improvement and project management professional - Expert Trainer 
• Dr. Ir. Fauzi Hasan MM, MBA, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CGEIT, CRICS, SSCP, ITIL, PMP, MDCP, CDCE, CSQE, BCMP, Prince2, APICS, IPCMI, CEH, CISCP. - Hon. Global Advisory Board. 
• Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy, Ph.D, Fellow AAPM - World Federation of Educational Institutions (WFEI) - Global Honorary Advisory Council 
• Dr. Chan Yuan Eng, PhD, MSc (Proj Mgmt) (USM), B.Sc (Eng), MPMI (USA), MInstBE, MAIE, MAACE, MACostE, MCInstCES, FIConstM, FAAPM, CIPM, CCPM - Principal Consultant, Perunding PMC (Project Management Consultants), Penang, Malaysia - Honorary Global Advisor and Member of the AAPM Global Advisory Board and Council. 
• Dr. Sean Mark Francis, DBA, CIPM ® - South Africa - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Adrian King Reddy - BA, MPM®, CIPM®, PMP®, PSIRA Grade A - (MD. PATAN Consultants) - South Africa - (AAPM® Honorary Advisory Committee Member) 
• Prof. Dr. Bethel Erastus-Obilo ~ LLB., Ph.D., MPM ™, CIPM ™ - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Dr. Don Boulay, PhD, MASc, PMP, MPM, MCP ITIL, PMP, PRINCE2 and COBIT Certified – MPM ® - Hon. Global Advisory North America 
• Prof. David H. Belton, MPM - Masters in Project Management, GCPM, CLA, SME, CIPM™, AAPM ™ Certified Trainer, MPM™, AAPM Global Advisory Committee, and Fellow - Houston, TX 
• Dr. Jaime T. Valdez, PhD., P.Eng (UK), MSPE, MQM,CIPM, FAAPM. - Honorary Global Advisor 
• Michael D. Maerz Jr., MPM - PMO Director Medicaid - Consultant - Honorary Global Advisory Counsel USA. 
• Bradley M. Gover, BSBA (Indiana University), CPM (Xavier University - PMI), MPM (AAPM), Global Advisory Board, Project Management/Process Improvement Professional: Florida USA, North & South America, Canada. 
• Satyajit Barik, Project Manager, MPM®, CIPM®, ITIL V3, Fellow AAPM®, Honorary Global Advisor, India 
• Lennox Montgomery Browne, MPA, MPM, CIPM – Colorado USA, Honorary Global Advisor 
• Chris M. Mitchell, BMC Surface Warfare Specialist USN (ret.) Engineering Professional M.A. MPM, CIPM, MQM, Hon. Global Advisor 
• Thabo Happy Makeleni. Dip(Building).CIPM-Project Manager. AApM-Board (Honorary Global Advisor). South Africa. 
• Federico Freda, MBA, MSc, MPM™, PMP™, ITIL™, CSM™, CSPO™ - Rome, Italy - Hon. Global Adivsor 
• Abdulrahman Zidan Al-Tamimi, MPM® - CIPM®, Acting Head of Business Development – The Saudi Investment Bank – Saudi Arabia. 
• Dir. Bill Malcolm, MPM , HRMC, PM Cert. - Director USAF Recruiting - Colorado Springs USA Hon. Global Advisor 
• Milind Talele, BE (Electronics), MBA (IT), MPM, PMP, MSP & PRINCE2 Practitioner, CSM, SFC, ITIL, CSSGB, CSSYB, MCTS, MS, Program/Project Manager, India– Honorary Global Board Advisor 
• Mr. Charles Sheridan McArthur B.A., M.A., MPM - Hon. Global Advisor  
• Mr. Alvaro Jorge Ciangherotti Ciangherotti Civil Engineer, Computer Engineer, Degree in Business Management, Degree in Project Evaluation, Bachelor of Engineering, MPM and CIPM 
• Mysti J. Habetler, MPM, CHRR; Member of the US Armed Forces - Honorary Global Advisor - USA TX 
• Henk Hagelstein, MPM®, Project Manager Int. Hospitality and FM, France, Scandinavia, UAE (AAPM® Hon. Advisory Committee Member) 
• Charbel Abou-Tayeh, M.Eng., P.Eng., FAAPM, P.GSC., PMP, MPM, CPPM, CIPM, CPE, CPD, CPC. MCPM, CPRM, MQM, LEED AP BD+C Construction Project Manager - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Randy Kahlich Jr – PMP, CIPM – Honorary Global Advisor - San Antonio, TX 
• Khoo Voon Ching, MSc (AEU), MBA (AU), CPE, ADip.Eng (FRIS), Dip.Eng (UTM), Cert.Eng (POLIMAS). - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Joseph A. Allen, BS, MPM, PMP, CIPM - Raytheon - Hon. Global Advisor US and Asia 
• J. David Kear, MCBA, MPM, RE, Professional Logistician - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Chinedu Ogwus MSc CEng MEI Chartered Petroleum Engineer, ChMC, LCGI, FAAPM, FCMI, CMgr, MNSE, CIPM®- Certified International Project Manager, Energy Consultant (UK), Port Harcourt, Nigeria ( Hon. Global Advisory Committee) 
• Natalie Pierce-Gallagher, MBA, Master Project Manager International Charter and Certification - AAPM Honorary Advisory Committee Member. 
• Jaikrishna Chinnaiyan Sadhasivam, B.Tech (CSE), PMP, PMI-RMP, Lean Coach, CSM, MPM, EPBM(IIMC) – India – Hon. Global Advisory Board 
• Paul E. Fortune, MBA(PM), MPM, CIPM, PMP – Certified International Project Manager/ Construction Manager – AApM Honorary Advisory Committee Member. 
• Ray Bell, PMP®, MPM®, CIPM® - AAPM® - Honorary Global Advisor, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 
• Deliane R.J. Paiva, MSc, MBA, MPM, CIPM, AAPM Honorary Advisory Committee member, IT Senior Project Manager in Oil Industry, Biologist, Environmental Management , Brazil. 
• Thomas P. Loe Bikokota, BSc Eng, MSc Eng, Chartered MPM™- CIPM™ - CPRM™ - CPE™ (Hon. Global Advisory Board Member AAPM™), Maintenance Planning Engineer & Asset Integrity Process Safety (MIE Train The Trainer) - Cameroon 
• Joefil Cercado Jocson, MEnM, MPM, CIPM, MMC/CMP, FFAPM - AApM Honorary Advisory Committee Member. 
• Brandi S. Powell-Espiritu, MBA, MPM, CIPM, AAPM Honorary Advisory Committee Member, Executive Director Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, Rice University and University of California, San Diego. 
• Edward D. Nieto, BSEE, M.A,, CIPM, MPM; Business Advisor, Germany; Small Business Owner; Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM); Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration 
• Dr. Carl Gomersall, PhD. DSc. MBA. B.Sc. (Hons) MPM. CIPM. CPC. FAAPM. MBIFM. MPMI. MIOM, MCMI. MMRS. MLCI. MLEI. SMIIE. SMSEMS. MinstLM. MCQI. MCMAA. - United Kingdom - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Raghavendra Gattu, M.F.M, PGDBM, CIPM, Tax Manager - Deloitte Tax Services - Hon. Global Advisor - Hyderabad, India 
• Kent D. Kundert, DBA Cand. (Proj Mgt)/MS, MPM, Net+, A+, SSBB, PLS - USAF (Logistics), California, USA 
• Lily Murariu M.Eng. MPM® MCVP CDP RRP - Manager, IRSAS Government of Canada - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Romel R. Ramarack, BSc. MSc. MPM®, President & COO of ElRey Engineering Services Limited, Trinidad and Tobago - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Prof. Dr. Michael Raisinghani, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Texas USA - Hon. Global Advisor and Certified Trainer - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Dr. Khalil Ghazzawi Ph.D, MBA, MCP Asst. Professor at Rafic Hariri University (RHU), Mechref, Lebanon - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Gashaw Haile Woldemichael, CIPM, Lecturer Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Muhammad Asif Rafique, MEng-Project Management, MPM , Alberta, Canada - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Mr. Ronnie D. Broadfoot, MA, MPM™, CIPM™, Automated Information Technology Subject Matter Expert - Honorary Advisor 
• PADMAKUMAR NAIR . CIPM, B-TECH, API 510, AWS-CWI, CSWIP 3.1. - Honorary Global Advisor 
• Muhammad Asif Rafique, MEng-Project Management, MPM, Alberta, Canada - Honorary Advisor 
• Mehdi H.Mahfoud, PM Specialist MSc,PM, BSc Pe Engg, APMG,PRINCE2, CIPM, Strategy S. Advisor, Founder & CEO Tassili Consultancy & Training (PM Specialists) , Tripoli, Libya, tel:+218217170602, 
• Adam Hubka, CEA, CEM, Director of Social Media Strategy at Paramount Communication Group, Online Marketing Consultant 
• Farag Hussan Gaith Diryag - Ph.D. Candidate MPM, CPE - Department of Civil & Structural Engineering - Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment - National University of Malaysia - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Oscar Gutierrez, MPM, FEMA PCP, ABCP, Business Continuity Planner, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (Honorary Advisor) 
• Chiew Vin Leong, MSc Real Estate, M Eng Sci, BPD, BCom, Dip Bld Mgt, CPE, MSIArb, MSIB, MAIB, MAIPM - Senior Project Manager - Malaysia - Honorary Advisory Committee 
• Dr. Tarek Abul Enein,Ph.D, MBA, PMP, P.Eng., FAAPM - Senior Technical Consultant, USA, Canada & Gulf Area - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Salvagni Enrico, MEMgt, BEng Mech. Eng. MPM® - MSE-MIET (UK); P.Eng(UK) FSPE, FIIEng (ZA) , FABEI (I), - Design, Technology and Management Society Italian Representative- California University FCE Italian Representative- Vice President-Fellow of The Association of British Engineers in Italy- Consulting Engineer – Honorary Global Advisory Board 
• Dr. David Goh, CIPM, DBA, MSc, BSc. - Asia and Singapore - Hon. Global Advisory Board Asia 
• Alejandro Vazquez Garza, MBA, CIPM™ - Operations Director – Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico – Hon. Board Advisor 
• TALAL ALI AHMED SALEM, CPP, FSA, MPM.- Asia Honorary Advisory 
• GP Chandran MBA, MPM®, CIPM®, CPE™, Fellow & Certified Trainer, Malaysia Chapter President Special Advisor in Conjunction with International Project Management Commission 
• Dr. R.-L. Etienne Barnett, Baccalauréat (France), B.A., M.A., M.S., M. Phil., Ph.D. (USA), Ph.D. (France), Doctor Honoris Causa, Doctor of Letters (D.Lett.), MPM, CIPM ChE, MFP, CPC, CPE, MMC, University Provost & Dean of Faculty / Executive Officer, Trustees Council on Academics and Operations / Frederick A. Treuhaft Foundation Distinguished Professor / Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor. Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for International Studies. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Senior Research Fellow, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris). Founding Director and Executive Editor, International Monograph Series of the Institute for Advanced Studies (US/UK). Editor-in-Chief of 7 global scholarly journals. Member of 63 international Advisory Boards. AAPM Global Advisory Board. EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN OF NATIONAL ACADEMIC PROGRAM STANDARDS - AAPM. - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Jack Van Mook, MPM, CIPM - AAPM Certified Training - Hon. Global Advisory Council - Asia China Singapore 
• Teresinha de Rodrigues, MBA, MPM, CIPM, AAPM Honorary Advisory Committee member, IT Senior Project Manager in Oil Industry, Statistician, Brazil. 
• Cmdr. Andrew J. McMenamin, MBA, M.Sc., MPM, Executive Project Manager, NATO HQ Norfolk, Virginia, USA - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Craig Wagner, MSc-Leadership, MSc-Project Management, BSc-Finance, MPM, CIPM, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. - Hon. Global Advisor 
• Ashar Mirza, B.E. (Mech. Engineering), CIPM, AAPM Honorary Advisory Committee Member 
• Eko Sujitno, BSc (Civil), BSc (Econ), MPM, MQM, CPRM, CIPM as Global Advisory Board and Honorary Advisors, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate. 
• Sujay Tendulkar, PMP® , MPM® , CIPM ® - Bangalore, India - Honorary Advisory Committee Member 
• Peter Robin Fraser, DIP,BS,BSc,Post Grad Dip,MBA, MPM or CIPM.- Hon. Global Advisory Board Latin America 
• Dr. Shakira A. Kennedy, MSW, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Hon. Global Advisory Board USA 
• Mohd Amirul Nazri Ismail, B.Eng (Civil), CPRM(TM), Risk Management & Compliance Specialist, Technip Asia Pacific Region- Hon.Global Advisor 
• Demetrios Kachulis, Ms, MBA, MPM,CISA,CISSP - Nicossia Cyprus - EldionConsulting Director - Member Since: June 2011 – Honorary Global Advisory Board 


About AApM ®

The  International Board of Standards is  Accredited and ISO Certified for Quality and ISO 21001 Training Standards and ISO 29993 Certified EU for Learning Services






 The AAPM IBS GAFM  ® Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 21001 Training in the World.